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Older Item Catalog  >  Supplemen (Serbuk/Bancuhan)  »  21st Century Weight Gain Powder Newer Item
21st Century Weight Gain Powder
RM39.95  MYR
Sold Out


21st Century Weight Gain Powder - Chocolate

Is a delicious, nutritious chocolate food drink that increases weight and strengthens muscles.
Product's Major Benefits

* High quality Amino Acids, the building blocks of muscles.
* L'Arginine and L'Ornithine speeds up weight gain in your muscles, not around your stomach or thighs.
* Concentrates of proteins and carbohydrates. Protein is the main constituent of muscles, skin, hair, nails, eyes and internal organs. A daily intake of protein is required to increase body weight and maintain good health. A diet lacking in protein prevents weight gain, even if you eat a lot of food. Eating fatty foods is an unhealthy way to put on weight - it will put fat on your arteries and stomach.
* Ideal for underweight and convalescing people - it is easily digested and provides all the nutrients needed by the body - it is a complete food.
* Contains no L-Tryptophan!


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