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Nano Colloidal Silver Spray
RM18.00  MYR
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TomiMax Nano Colloidal Silver Hydrosol Spray 50ml

Ampaian Perak Nano Hydrosol 1-10nm/10 ppm pH7.5

:arrow: Non-Toxic
:arrow: No-Side Effects
:arrow: No Artificial Preservatives

How to use
Directly spray on minor cuts, burns, wounds,
foot, other minor skin rashes and fungal infections.
Promotes tissue cell rejuvenation


The following table is a summary of the bacteria on which the new age nano colloidal silver solution was tested, and the results of those test carried out at Brigham Young University (Department of Microbiology). (�ppm� stands for parts per million, a measure of the strength of very dilute solutions. A 5ppm solution, sufficient to kill any of the pathogenic � infection � causing � bacteria below, contains one ounce of silver in 250 gallons of purified water):

Bacterium  Causes        
Inhibited at
Staphylococcus aureus
Pneumonia, Eye Infections, Skin Infections (boils, impetigo, cellulites, post-operative infections),Toxic Shock Syndrome, Meningitis, Food Poisoning, Osteomyelitis
2.5 ppm
5 ppm
Shigella boydii
Violent food poisoning        
1.25 ppm
2.5 ppm
Salmonella arizona
Food poisoning
2.5 ppm
5 ppm
Salmonella typhimurium
Food poisoning, Enteric Fever
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Escherichia coli 0157-H7
(Jack in the Box E. coli)
Food Poisoning, Urinary Tract Infections, Respiratory Tract Infections, Diarrhea, Wound Infections
2.5 ppm
5 ppm
Escherichia coli
(E. coli)
Food Poisoning, Urinary Tract Infections, Respiratory Tract Infections, Diarrhea, Wound Infection
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Haemophilus influenzae
OOtitis Media (ear infections),   Pneumonia, Meningitis Throat and Sinus Infections  Epiglottis in Children, Sinusitis Suppurative Arthritis in Children
1.25 ppm
1.25 ppm
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Lower Respiratory Tract Infections, Pneumonia, Meningitis,Urinary Tract and Wound Infections, Nosocomial Infections
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Klebsiella oxytoca
Same as Above
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Enterobacter aerogenes
WWound Infections, Bacteremia, U rinary Tract  Infections, Meningitis
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Severe Burn and Wound Infections, Keratitis, Meningitis, Pneumonia  Urinary Tract Infections Nosocomial Infections
2.5 ppm
2.5 ppm
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Pneumonia, Meningitis Sinusitis, Otits Media
2.5 ppm
5 ppm
Streptococcus pyogenes
Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever, Impetigo
1.25 ppm
1.25 ppm
Streptococcus faecalis
Urinary Tract Infections, Endocarditis, Wound Infections
5 ppm
5 ppm
Streptococcus mutans
Dental Plaque and Tooth Decay
5 ppm
5 ppm
Streptococcus gordonii
Tooth Decay, Infective Endocarditis
5 ppm

Nano Colloidal Silver Information:



  • The new age silver solution (a highly effective form of colloidal silver) is a safe anti-microbial agent that has been proven to act against a wide range of bacteria and yeasts.
  • In addition to its anti-microbial properties, the new age silver solution is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • The new age silver solution appears to be effective over a broad spectrum. It does not target specific mechanisms or receptors. For this reason it is unlikely that mutations of bacteria or viruses will produce resistant species. This is particularly important given the rise of nosocomial (hospital generated) and iatrogenic (doctor generated) infections.
  • The new age silver solution can be applied topically or taken internally. It can be used as a general disinfectant.
  • The new age silver solution has been shown to be non-toxic, even at high levels of ingestion (5g/kg body weight).
  • The new age silver solution is far less expensive than most prescription drugs.



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