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Older Item Catalog  >  Penjagaan Badan  »  Losyen Umrah Haji Newer Item
  • Losyen Umrah Haji
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Losyen Umrah Haji
RM58.50  MYR

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*Losyen ini dirumus dari bahan semulajadi bebas kimia. Mengandungi gliserin tulen dan alantoin yang berfungsi untuk meredakan keradangan kulit. 

*Losyen ini tidak melekit apabila disapu dan meyerap dengan pantas ke dalam kulit. Terbukti secara klinikal merawat masalah kulit termasuk kulit terlampau kering, tumit kaki pecah-pecah, alahan dan ekzema

* Losyen ini juga mendapat pengiktirafan HALAL

*Sesuai digunakan untuk semua peringkat usia walaupun bayi


  • Contains skin-soothing ingredients 
  • Moisturize dry skin associated with eczema improvements in redness, itching, flaking, and scaling
  • Relieves severely dry skin
  • Proven to heal cracked heels!
  • Study showed that Renew users had a higher level of moisture in eczema-prone skin than other brands
  • Eliminates the embarrassment and discomfort of dry skin
  • Clinically proven 

    Certified HALAL

    Packing size: 237ml



"I broke out in hives from an allergic reaction all over my body. I started applying the renew three and four times throughout the day and after applying it the redness and bumps started to disappear. They would come back after a couple hours but that is normal but they only lasted three days and were significantly less as each day went on. LOVE THIS PRODUCT" Delaney Cattano MERIDIAN, ID
"This is the ONLY lotion that works on dry skin. I don't have to put steroid creams on my son's dry skin when using this. Works better than any other lotion."Milagros Eureste Graham & Robert Graham
"For years, our baby has suffered from bad eczema and as parents, I have extreme sensitive skin and my husband has naturally dry skin. We have had prescriptions to heal the dry skin and have tried MANY other lotions throughout the years. After hearing about Renew lotion, we had nothing to lose but to TRY IT! Our 1st purchase and after 3 days of just trying it, our babies skin showed dramatic improvements. Most importantly, our daughter told us in tears that she loved how she wasn't itching anymore. So, we now as a family all use Renew's products because of the miracle it has done for our babies and our family! "Cita & Phillip Geiggar
"My feet are always scaly rough cracked and dry. My heels are so cracked I would get cuts especially in the summer with bare feet and swimming. A few days of using this RENEW lotion and I couldn't believe how soft and smooth my feet were. A week later no scaly skin at all and the heals were soft and not cracked. I have tried multiple lotions and nothing worked and retained moisture like this and it is not greasy too. Also usually you have to reapply after a bath or multiple times a day to retain the soft and smooth feeling but RENEW retains its moisture because it ingredients go deep into your layers of skin. I can't wait to test it for winter because I have severe dry skin and my hands are always red, irritated, and bleed with the cold weather. Thank you RENEW for making my feet look and feel better. "Liz & Chris Schwartz



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