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Older Item Catalog  >  Penjagaan Badan  »  Rice Milk Soap Sabun Susu Beras Newer Item
Rice Milk Soap Sabun Susu Beras
RM8.00  MYR

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- produk kecantikan dari alam semulajadi
- produk dari thailand
- mengebukan dan mencerahkan kulit tanpa pengelupasan
- menghilangkan bintik-bintik hitam
- menghaluskan kulit
- melembapkan kulit
- menanggalkan kotoran minyak, sel kulit mati, parut jerawat dan jeragat.
- menanggalkan bekas make-up pada kulit muka.
- menghilangkan kesan hitam pada bawah ketiak, celah-celah paha dan siku.
- sesuai digunakan untuk orang yang mengalami masalah kulit dan resdung.
- mampu memberi kesan kesegaran sepanjang hari serta badan tidak melekit walaupun berpeluh.
- boleh mengatasi bau badan.

Natural handmade rice milk soap from the local of Thailand, containing ( 100%) rice milk soap, beeswax and moisturising oil.Rice milk oil is a natural anti-oxidant and also offers a small degree of sunscreen protection and solve the pimple problem, acne blemish, dark spot and the dead skin cell problem. The rice milk soap makes you feel smooth and relax. Moreover, rice milk soap can be used in all kinds of skin and It’s suitable for everyone.

This product you looking for is a skin care line. This product is 100% natural rice milk that extract from young grown jasmine rice that yeild good quality milk enriched with vitamin and nutrition which help to reduce blemish and dark spot on face, reduce freckle and wrinkle-free, make your skin feeling soft and bright and enjoy the young rice fragance smelling.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Sodium Hydroxide solution, Milk, Young rice milk, Seed, Rice Milk, Vitamin E, B,C, AHA, Jojobar Oil, Honey, Collagen, Natural Glycerin etc.

Directions : To apply on your face and body daily, massage gently 2-3 minutes, then clean off. it can be used both face and body.

Formula : Rice milk soap for all skin type


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